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Our Delhi IT & Cyber Lawyers provide advice to a variety of customers, including big, internationally recognized tech corporations and web-based enterprises. The Professionals offer advice on issues pertaining to call centers, business process outsourcing, data security, and electronic commerce. “Offenses that are committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the victim’s reputation or cause physical or mental harm, or loss, to the victim directly or indirectly, using modern telecommunication networks such as cellphones, email, chat rooms, notice boards, and groups, among other networks,” is the definition of cyber crimes. These kinds of crimes—especially those involving hacking, infringement, unjustified mass surveillance, and child grooming—have gained prominence. In this domain, the Company has expertise in formulating agreements, resolving disputes, and arranging transactions, including:-

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Cybercrime, often known as computer crime, is the use of a computer to facilitate criminal activities, such as identity theft, fraud, the trafficking of child pornography and intellectual property, and privacy violations. All of those things were done before the prefix “cyber” became commonplace. Cybercrime, particularly when it involves the Internet, is a combination of new illegal activity and a continuation of already recognized criminal behavior.

Cybercrime is a relatively new profession, and every day that goes by brings new types of illegal activity in cyberspace to light.

Now let's talk about the main categories of Cyber Crime:-


Hackers that violate someone else's computer security system for their own gain are breaking the law.

Child-oriented Visual Content

It is among the most horrible crimes that are blatantly committed everywhere in the world. Videos are being produced and posted online depicting sexual assault of children.

Unwarranted mass-surveillance

Mass surveillance refers to the government's monitoring of a sizable portion of the populace, usually for security reasons; however, if this is done for private gain, it is seen as cybercrime.

Infringement of copyright

Copyright infringement occurs when someone publishes content under his own name after violating another person's protected copyright without that person's consent.

Laundering of funds

Money laundering is the act of an individual or organization possessing money illegally. Usually, it entails money transfers via international banks and/or authorized businesses. Put differently, it refers to the process of transferring money obtained through illegal means into the official financial system.

Grooming of children

Forming an emotional bond with a child, particularly with the intention of using them for child prostitution or child trafficking, is the practice.


Cyber-terrorism is typically used to describe acts of hacking into government security systems or intimidating large organizations in order to further political or social goals by breaking through security measures via computer networks.

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