Cheque Bounce

Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Delhi

Don’t worry if you have a check written by a debtor that has bounced or been dishonored, if you have gotten a court summons for a 138 NI (Negotiable Instruments Act) complaint against you, or if someone has submitted a check bounce notice against you. In Delhi, we have attorneys for Bounce Lawyers checks. We are skilled at effectively managing cases involving check bounces. Our Cheque Bounce attorneys will bring a lawsuit to recoup the full amount of the check as well as interest and costs. Additionally, a criminal complaint may be filed. On behalf of the pleader on the Power, we file the complaint; however, prior to filing it, we serve the party with the statutory notice requesting payment of the check amount.On behalf of the pleader on the Power of Attorney, we file the complaint. In Delhi, it is illegal to bounce checks. Therefore, you need to speak with or get legal advice from knowledgeable Cheque Bounce attorneys.

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